About Safety Rewards

Save Up to 10% On Your Avemco Premium

To help reduce the number and rising cost of general aviation accidents, we launched the Avemco Safety Rewards Program. Our goal is to promote the continuing education of pilots, so the program rewards participating Avemco policyholders with premium credits.

Here’s how it works*
You can save 5% on your annual Avemco premium by completing any FAA WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program Knowledge course, including WINGS-approved courses from training organizations such as King Schools, ASA, Gleim, Sporty's Pilot Shop, Pilot Workshops and others. To participate, go to www.faasafety.gov/WINGS/pppinfo/ and complete a WINGS course(s), or go directly to the course provider to enroll and then provide us with proof of completion.

You can save an additional 5% when you participate in Avemco-recognized flight training. This includes many types of training that is relevant to the type of aircraft and operations you fly. To qualify, the training must go beyond the FAA minimums.

You can also save the full 10% on your annual premium when you earn a Sport, Recreational, Private, Commercial, or ATP pilot certificate or obtain an additional aircraft rating.

Why we're promoting pilot safety
The NTSB data indicates that despite improvements in technology and increased regulation, the number and causes of general aviation accidents has remained almost unchanged over the past decade. Our further analysis indicates that many of the pilots involved in these accidents were focused on the wrong things in the cockpit – sometimes with tragic results. Because of our unique perspective on safety we have decided to take a leadership position in improving pilot safety education.

Download your Safety Rewards Program application now!
Click here for a downloadable pdf.

Earn Your WINGS Pin
Not only do we provide premium credits to Avemco customers who participate in the WINGS program, we supply all participants with WINGS lapel pins upon program completion. It's our belief that this commitment to safety will result in a safer flying environment for pilots everywhere. When a participant completes any of the three phases of the program – Basic, Advanced, or Master – they can receive the corresponding lapel pin to proudly display.

Learn more about the WINGS Program
For complete details on the FAA's WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program, visit www.faasafety.gov/wings/pppinfo/*.

*Premium credits are subject to underwriting guidelines. Avemco provides links to outside websites as a service to its website visitors. Upon clicking the above FAA links you will be leaving the Avemco website. Avemco cannot guarantee or be responsible for the security of any of these websites