Hangar Insurance

Hangar insurance: Because your plane isn't the only thing in your hangar.

Avemco Insurance Agency, Inc. is proud to offer the National Hangar Insurance Program (NHIP).* Since 1991, NHIP has been providing airport property coverage across the U.S. Hangar insurance covers physical/structural damage to your hangar and its contents. Liability coverage is available as an option.

You Get:

  1. Flood coverage
  2. Theft Damage
  3. Valuable papers
  4. Replacement cost coverage

*Avemco Insurance Company and Avemco Insurance Agency, Inc. collectively market under the trademark Avemco. Avemco Insurance Company insures general aviation aircraft and pilots and does not underwrite the hangar insurance product. Hangar insurance policies offered through this program are provided to qualified applicants through the Avemco Insurance Agency, Inc. (Arkansas Producer License #100108872 and California #0E63427) and are underwritten by the Travelers Insurance Companies through the National Hangar Insurance Program.