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Airworthiness Classification

Airworthiness Certificates are FAA documents which grant authorization to operate an aircraft in flight.

There are two overall classifications of FAA airworthiness certificates: Standard Airworthiness Certificate and Special Airworthiness Certificate.

Standard and Special Airworthiness Certificates are further broken down into several sub-categories.

The Special Airworthiness Certificate includes the sub-categories "Experimental" and "Light-Sport" which are also broken down into several sub-categories.

Avemco insures many make/models of aircraft in the following classifications/categories:

  • Amateur-Built (Example: Kit / Plans Built)
  • Exhibition (Example: Factory-Built Imports)
  • Light-Sport (Example: Amateur-Built meeting LSA Definition)
  • Airplane (Example: Factory-Built LSA)
  • Glider (Example: Factory-Built LSA)
  • Normal
  • Utility
  • Acrobatic
  • Commuter
  • Transport